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15 Most Instagrammable Places in Mexico City

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

When we visit a new country, a new city or even a new restaurant these days we always look for the places where we can get the most Gram worthy pictures! We all want to visit those places that relate to a city right ? As you guys already know that I have lived in Mexico City(Ciudad de Mexico) for close to two years and that gave me a lot of time to explore the city and visit all those places that I had looked up before landing there.

Mexico City is actually a beautiful concoction of a traditional Mexican town and urban grandeur and chaos which is the second largest in the entire Americas. There are plenty of chic places, many things to do and an array of colours splattered across the town - brilliance that can only be found in Mexico.

Let me virtually take you to all these favourite places of mine in Mexico City so that it makes life easier for you when you plan your trip there :)

1) Mexico Mi Amor - Probably the best example of 'Pretty Pink' that you'll ever walk across. The pinkest, most prettiest corner in Mexico City located at Tane, Polanco.

2) Monumento a la Revolución - The Monument of Revolution is a monument commemorating the Mexican Revolution. It is located in Plaza de la República, Paseo de la Reforma. You can take a tour and actually see a panoramic view of the city from the top.

3) Kiosco Morisco - Moorish-style iron kiosk in a neighbourhood gathering place located in Santa Maria la Ribera. The place is beauty in simplicity personified and totally Gram worthy

4) Torre Latinoamericano - This is the most recognizable skyscraper in Mexico City and was the first skyscraper in the world to be built in a highly seismic zone. Located in the Downtown region and built in 1956 it has survived two major earthquakes without any damage. An engineering marvel that you can visit and see the mesmerising beauty of CDMX from up top.

5) Zocalo, Downtown - Zocalo, Downtown Mexico City is a must visit. Zocalo is not only the center of town for this grand city but during Aztec times was considered to be the center of the universe. Templo Mayor, Metropolitan Catedral, Palacio Nacional among others are the historic buildings that adorn this place. Having been the center of some of the most important events in history starting from the times of the Mexica you will rarely find a more historic and Gram-able place in the middle of a city

6) The Palacio de Bellas Artes - Bellas Artes is a prominent cultural centre in Mexico City. Some of the most notable events in music, dance, theatre, opera and literature are held here. This landmark building with its golden domes and roof is just the perfect backdrop for your Insta pictures.

7) Biblioteca Vasconcelos - One of the grandest and most beautiful libraries in Downtown Mexico City. A massive megalibrary with 600,000 books it is a must visit not just for reading but to relish its architecture and ambience.

8) Palacio de Correos - A stunning post office, more commonly known as 'Palacio Postal' is the General Post Office of Mexico City. Located right across the street from Bellas Artes this is the epitome of grandeur and “The most beautiful Post office that I’ve ever seen or visited'.

9) San Angel - A mini magical town that will make you forget that you actually are in the middle of a sprwaling metropolis is a perfect place to go spend your day. Take a walk on the cobble stone streets surrounded by pretty colourful buildings, cute cafes and and hundreds of backdrops for your Gram feed. Go on a Saturday to see it at its best.

10) La Casa Azul - The informative and beautiful Freida Kahlo house art Muesum is surrounded by cobalt blue walls and the inside of the house is just as pretty. There are queues over the weekend so plan your visit in advance.

11) Parque La Mexicana - The most urban park located in Santa Fe, Mexico City has paved trails, surrounded by the tall skyscrapers and tranquil waterbodies. There are some restaurants and cafes within the park premise. One of the largest parks in the city it is one of the better ways to escape the noise and traffic and have a peaceful walk

12) World Trade Centre - One of the most stunning buildings in the City, located in the Napoles neighbourhood makes for a stunning picture setup.

13) Iglesia de San Josemaria - One of the most modern and good looking Churches that I ever visited. Go here and not just the exteriors, do visit inside the Church and you’ll be blown away. Clicking pictures inside is also not a problem.

14) Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe - This is the national shrine of Mexico and rightly so. Massive, modern and beautiful, this holy place will show you a glimpse of the Mexicans love and devotion for Mother Mary. Located a little far off from the main city but definitely worth a visit.

15) Angel de la Independencia - A victory column on a roundabout on one of the major avenues of Paseo de la Reforma in downtown Mexico City. Simply called El Angel by Mexicans this is the most recognizable landmark not just for Mexico City but for Mexico as a country. A thing of stunning beauty and passion this is one place which if you miss your Mexico trip would be incomplete.

I hope this will help all the readers to plan their trip to the City and get to see some of the most stunning places in the City which are also a perfect backdrop for those amazing Instagram worthy pictures for your feed.

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