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BOMGOGO - Lenses & Filters for your Smartphone on the go

I have been a huge fan of photography since I cannot remember when. I always used to look at the beautiful close-up shots of flowers and butterflies and those splendid looking cityscape shots on Instagram and wonder if it would ever be possible for me to take such beautiful shots myself.

I have been using my iPhone for almost everything these past years. Starting from social media, e-shopping and ordering food online to work and photography. I have an iPhone 6s which works perfectly fine but I wanted to change my phone for just one reason - and that was to get a phone camera with the latest technology so that I could keep my passion of clicking professional looking photos alive.

Thanks to Bomgogo, now I don’t need to splurge on a new phone just because I need a better camera. Bomgogo makes lenses that can be attached to your phone or tablet with just a clipper and you are set. Take professional pictures right from your phone - be it wide angle or macro photography.

I received a Govision L6 Combo Ultralight 8 in 1 HD Lens Kit from Bomgogo that comprises of -

1) Wide angle lens 2) Macro lens. 3) 37mm Slim CPL filter 4) 37mm Slim ND8 filter 5) 37mm Slim 6-Point Star Cross filter 6) Flower lens hood 7) UV protector 8) Universal Clip

Packed neatly in a hard shell compact storage bag which keeps the lenses secure and is small enough to fit easily into your hand bag or baggy jean pockets(for guys). I’m beyond excited now to carry this with me all the time, just in case I need to capture a beautiful moment.

Some of the features that I loved - all the lenses have anti reflective glass hence your pictures will be glare free, the quality of the photos will be Full HD with no distortion whatsoever and the universal clip can fit almost on any smartphone/tablet available in the market. It’s the best equipment for aspiring, amateur photographers to start living their dreams without having to shed loads of money on big, heavy cameras and lenses.

Let’s have a look at some of the photos I took using the combination of lenses and filters and affirm my beliefs.

1) 37MM Slim CPL filter – This filter really helps to get great wide angle cityscape images and enhances the colors to get best, bright pictures.

2) 37mm Slim ND8 filter – This one helps to capture moving objects be it, running water, vehicles on the road or just people walking by.

3) 37mm Slim 6-Point Star Cross filter – As the name suggests, this one helps with getting great 6 point star effect from direct or reflected source of light.

4) Macro lens – For all those beautiful portraits that you’ve waited so long to capture. Now you can get the close ups of flowers, butterflies, people or just anything using the macro lens.

I have been loving using this magical little product and would recommend the Bomgogo Lens kits in order to up your game with phone photography, save some money and have some fun while doing it. You can use my code "PSYCHED" to get a discount of 18% site wide on

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