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Cancun – Beyond Turquoise Treasures

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Hey Psyched fam,

Hope 2019 is treating you very well and good things are coming your way. I started the year with my first vacay of 2019 and headed straight to the land of topaz blue Caribbean waters with powdery white sand beaches.

It was like being in paradise, not exaggerating one bit here. Imagine waking up to this view from the balcony of your room! :P

The only difference this time was that I had to travel without Anjuri, but the place is so pretty you can go through that sort of pain for it ;). We took a trip to Cancun in 2018 too but we were not blogging at that time, so we’ll be showing you glimpses of both the trips right here :)

Cancun gives you the taste of the old and the new in one. The Zona Hotelera area is an almost 19 kilometers long stretch of all-inclusive resorts boasting private tranquil white sand beaches, international restaurants and some of the best party places in the world.

On the other hand, there is the Cancun downtown area that gives you all the local flavor and excitement of an authentic Mexican town. After being there twice in two years and hating to get back to normal life, all I can say is that it’s a perfect haven for the beach bums.

There is so much to do and so much to cover in Quintana Roo, the state where Cancun is located that even two trips were not enough. But here we wanted to share with you guys, our top picks that you must actually cover if you’re planning a trip to Cancun or the surrounding areas.

1) Stay - Its best to pick a hotel in the Zona Hotelera region if you like to wake up and go take a dip in the ocean because most of these hotels open up to their private beaches. All-inclusive deals will be the best if you are there to party hard.

We stayed at The Westin Resort & Spa during our first trip and Marriott Resort during the latest one and it was an amazing experience to just walk down to the beach whenever you want to or just lie on the sand reading your book, listening to music and having that refreshing coconut water on repeat ;) And getting that tan on too.

2) Holbox It takes around two hours in a car to reach the small town of Chiquila and then a ferry ride of about forty five minutes to reach this little gem called Isla Holbox. Located on the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula the most intriguing thing about Holbox is that it is a car free place. All transportation is restricted to Golf Carts, bicycles and ATV’s. It was so cool to look at.

We were there only for a few hours before heading back to Cancun since we were on a very short trip, but you can actually plan a vacation just to be there for a couple of days and you wont regret.

The water is so warm and shallow till far, far away, the color of the water so much lighter and different from Cancun. Ever fancy swimming with whale sharks? You can fulfil this desire if you’re in Holbox between the months of June and September.

3) El Gran Cenote or Grand Cenote -The day we finally decided to check out this natural marvel was the day when there were thunderstorms all through the way from Cancun to Tulum.

Cenotes were the only places we could head to and chill since beaches and Mayan ruins in Tulum were non-accessible that day. There are thousands of cenotes all through this part of Mexico and there was one at every 200 meter while on our way to Gran Cenote. Do you know what a Cenote is? A cenote is a naturally stirred sinkhole that’s created due to the collapse and sinking of the surrounding limestone. This exposes the groundwater and creates a natural pool.

I picked this particular one because I can’t swim. I know, it’s embarrassing. But here all the non-swimmers can go and take a dip in the water by holding the ropes tied all along in the water and staircases that you can take to get inside the water. Phewww... So, no sweat if you cannot dive like others around you. Besides its so beautiful in there with all the little fishes and turtles swimming with you. It’s a must visit.

4) Chichen Itza One of the Wonders of the World, about two-and-a-half-hour drive from Cancun to see this spectacle. It was a large city built by the Mayan people back in 600 AD.

The famous attraction, El Castillo (temple of Kukulcan ) gets the most attraction of the tourists however there is much more to the ruins than just that. There are sacred cenotes, sprawling temples and lush green forests leading to crumbling ruins. There is an entry ticket of approximately 250 pesos per person and if you’re really interested to know the history, its best to get a tour guide. This is not to be missed.

5) Las Coloradas Pink Lake– This bubble gum lake was on my bucket list for a long time and it finally happened. Hidden away on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula is the small town of Las Coloradas where the pink lake is situated. It takes around three hours and thirty minutes to reach from Cancun and this is with your own vehicle.

Do you love strawberry milkshakes and want to dive in em? Only now its prohibited to dive in them :) If you want to see this wonder with your own naked eyes, fit this into your itinerary.

6) Elephanta RestaurantLocated in one of the most beautiful malls ever, La Isla is this Indian Restaurant that serves the tastiest Indian food we’ve had during our time away from India. It’s as close to the Indian food in India that you can get anywhere in Mexico.

The setup and location are very dreamy, overseeing the lagoon, with yacht’s parked all around and the beautiful sunset sky behind you while you gorge on the most delicious paneer dishes and tandoori chickens of the world.

If you like Indian food then it’s a must visit.

7) Nightlife in Cancun– Days in Cancun are a delight but it’s after dark that the city really is lit. Head straight to the northern area of the hotel zone and you’ll find the best clubs, bars and some of the best Vegas style performances you’ll ever see. You can literally party all night long as all the clubs are open till 5am. Do not miss The City and Coco Bongo and you’ll know why we called out these two.

Also if you want to experience a foam party then head to Senor Frogs, but they happen only on certain days so do your research well and party the night away.

The place has a toxic effect on us and we cannot stay away for long. Also, there is so much more to explore beyond the striking beaches that we want to go and reconnoiter Isla Mujeres, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen and so much more. Sooner than later we think ;)

If you’re inquisitive and want to know something in detail, hit us up and we’ll be happy to help you plan your trips or generally help clear your minds.


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