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Casa Delphine - An exquisite Boutique Hotel

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

I'm a lover of boutique hotels. I will confess to that. Well, five star hotels are luxurious, grand, sometime awestriking but the feeling of a home away from home can only be experienced at Boutique hotels. Isn't it?

So I was travelling to my favorite place in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende and got an opportunity to stay at Casa Delphine, a new and beautiful boutique hotel. It’s centrally located - about a ten minute walk from the beautiful ‘Centro’ – central square of the city.

In terms of size it does not really stand on the larger side of the scale, with just five rooms but those five rooms are all curated in an exceedingly charming manner.

The attention to detail in all things starting from the flowers in the lobby, the cantera fireplaces in all the rooms to the all-white exterior which is clean and elegant. The entrance and lobby are an eye catching dark blue hue.

The hotel has custom designed furniture throughout -- the owner, a jewelry designer, and interior designer, worked closely with local artisans to compete a gorgeous wooden table in the dining area which is built from a single, giant piece of cedar. The wardrobes inside the rooms are spacious and have all been designed with a lot of thought and attention to comfort.

There are also two beautiful private courtyards on the property with elegantly lanscaped plants and trees that make you feel like you are in a secret garden.

Mine was room five, the most splendid room on the property. I love to ask for rooms on the higher floors just so I can sit and gaze at the stunning views.

This was even more wonderful as I had a roof top all for myself. And my most favorite part was the roof top jacuzzi. Sounds cool right? It was. I spent almost three hours in it and witnessed the beautiful sunset from there. But the best part is that if you don’t really like to climb stairs to take the room on the top floor, you can get just any room on this property as they are all equally amazing. They have bathtubs or Jacuzzi’s in each of the five rooms.

L’Occitane products in the all the bathrooms made me drool. Certainly another reason why I have fallen in love with this place.

There is an in-house kitchen on the property and the owners make sure that you get the breakfast as per your taste. I’m a vegetarian so they served fresh fruits, coffee, juice and some of the best tasting locally made croissants for breakfast. One of them was filled with melted chocolate and that was enough to change my mood from really grumpy to really happy in the morning.

I would highly recommend Casa Delphine if you love boutique hotels just like I do, for an amazing personalised experience.

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