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Casa Florencia Hotel Boutique – A magical abode in Guanajuato City

Hey psyched, how is it going? It’s been long since my last hotel review and I sincerely apologize for the delay, which is a direct result of some massive changes in my personal life. If you follow me on Instagram (this is something you must do) then you’ll be aware that I recently moved from one country to another, one time zone to another, one job to another and all of this messed up my schedule. But now that I’m well settled let me take you with me to one of the finest hotels in one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. 

I was visiting Guanajuato City for the first time recently (had I been there earlier, I would have made several trips in the last two years) and I stayed at Casa Florencia Hotel Boutique. The hotel is beyond beautiful. The design and architecture isstunning and it is very evident that the owners have put their heart and soul in this lovely boutique hotel. It was like fine art crafted onto a small piece of precious metal. As soon as you enter, there is a reception area (which is operational 24/7) where you are greeted by happy faces and offered refreshing welcome drinks, which we got refilled because they were unique and amazing in taste. Lemon, mint and cucumber infused water, sounds rejuvenating right? ;) 

A short trail of stairs takes you up to the first floor where there is a large and gorgeously decorated terrace with outside seating. You can sit there and relax with a cup of tea, coffee or your beer, read your newspaper or just listen to some music. 

This is also an extension of the indoor restaurant where they serve delicious hot Mexican and American breakfast each morning. I loved my chilaquiles, my fruit platter and the freshly brewed pot of coffee that were enticingly laid out on the table upon a combination of delicate china and lavish looking silver ware. The warm sun giving a helping hand to make the morning chill a good balance made the breakfast ambience as soothing as the pleasantries laid out on the table.

This dreamy property is located approximately 3.5 kilometres from the hustle and bustle of the main city attractions which makes it perfectly placed in terms of location. Not too close hence you have your peace of mind and you’re away from the crowded city areas and it’s not too far so you can drive down easily and reach all the gorgeous areas in the city within a time span of 5 – 10 minutes. And if you want to head out to grab a quick meal, there are some amazing restaurants at a walking distance from the hotel. My two favorites were - 

La Victoriana - We visited La Victoriana for lunch and just like its name suggests La Victoriana turned out to be abeautifully done Victorian style building. The all-white restaurant serves amazing coffee, sandwiches and the dessert, red velvet cake was to die for. Do visit when you’re in the vicinity.

Amatxi - We visited Amatxi for dinner for two consecutive nights and the food was amazingly delicious. The pasta I had along with a glass of wine was one of the best I’ve ever had and staff were extremely courteous and professional. The complimentary starter drink, the lovely food placed carefully in a designer manner on your plate and the extensive collection of wines makes this place a perfect dinner destination. This was just about 100 steps from the hotel and we walked down easily. This is my top pick for things to do when in Guanajuato City.

Coming back to the beautiful design of the hotel – It is an elegantly designed villa with a flight of steps taking you up to the terrace, across which you will find a lavish hall adorned by a large fireplace. Another fleet of stairs took me to my room. There are 8 stunning rooms in this fabulous boutique hotel and each one has been curated with much flair and attention.

My room was a twin bed room and the dark olive green walls in the room were making the room stand out even more. A large wooden wardrobe took care of all my storage needs, television with cable subscription helped me continue my habit of going to sleep while watching something with half an eye, a coffee machine (10 extra points for this :)) for that jump start in the morning, dim lights, sofas(if you can at all leave the comfort of the beds) and a cute little bathroom with a bathtub.

So perfect for when you come back from the city tour and want to soak up for a little while and relax. They also have free Wi-Fi in all areas and there is a parking lot right in front of the hotel so that covers your parking troubles.

This is a family run boutique hotel and I was glad to bump into the owner and his family and loved how welcoming and chivalrous he was. The staff here is very very helpful and they will do anything to make your stay comfortable. 

Special mention needs to be made of the attention to detail in this place with every nook and corner of the hotel beautified through crafts, wares and architecture. Be it the small lights in the sides of the stairs or the flowers and vases in the lobby. The light fittings in the room or the cute furniture in the terrace.

The hotel is optimally priced for the traveller in you and they most certainly deliver top notch services which are absolutely fair for the cost. I would recommend Casa Florencia Hotel Boutique if you are planning to visit Guanajuato City. 

If you need more information about the property, feel free to connect with me and I’ll help you out.


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