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Cryotherapy- Freezing your way to good health!


How’s our psyched fam today? Anjuri and I are doing good and are all prepped up for the holiday season, which means eating lots of unwanted and unhealthy stuff. Well, who can ignore pies and pizzas and the amazing Indian cuisine when the entire family is together. But we are ready to get back to the gym and burn it all, come 2019 ;).

Today, I wanted to share with you guys an amazing and super cool (literally) experience that I had a few days ago. I was geek to Cryotherapy till the time I discovered SubZ3ro Mexico. One of the top spas, also named as the “Luxury Spa of the Year” by The Luxury Travel Guide. The focus here is to use subzero temperatures onto the skin directly, known as cryostimulation, to lessen the body’s chronic inflammation. There are so many more benefits, though medically unclaimed at the moment, as the technology is very new.

I was taken to a changing room, handed over a robe that was super warm, a pair of socks, slippers and gloves and that’s it. That warm robe was an indication of things to come. I was escorted to the cryo chamber, where you need to be just in your underclothes so that your whole body is immersed in cold vapors and exposed to subzero temperatures.

The chamber is pre-set to temperatures as low as and ranging between -110 to -170 degrees celsius and I was scared to enter, thinking is this even humanly possible? Will I really be able to survive these three minutes? Yes, just three minutes and whoever has held a plank ever in their life, will know that every second counts. But before heading for the therapy, I had done my research and seen many athletes and movie stars like Hugh Jackman promoting it, so I was like what the heck, let’s try it.

Two minutes passed quickly while I was happily posing for pictures and making boomerangs, but the third one was tough and I was starting to shiver wondering how much longer and thankfully, it was over faster than I dreaded it would. When I stepped out and wrapped my robe, I was all red. But was it good? It was amazing. It felt so reinvigorated, there was a rush of endorphins, I was feeling happy and all that pain in my body from the gym last night was almost gone.

I’m sure you might be thinking, why torture our bodies like this? I have the answer right here for you. Cryotherapy is really good for our bodies and how -

1) Helps with muscle recovery and healing, hence it’s the hot favorite amongst athletes. 2) Reduces inflammation that may be caused by various sources.

3) Treats joint pain and extreme arthritis.

4) Helps reduce body ache.

5) Frozen shoulder can be treated through Cryotherapy

6) Releases happy hormones or endorphins and makes your mood swings go away.

7) Boosts immune system

8) Migraines can be treated via Cryotherapy too

9) Increases metabolism therefore helping with weight loss

The benefits of Cryotherapy for beauty include,

1) Reduction in wrinkles as the production of collagen increases.

2) Reduction of cellulite, pimples and acne due to improved blood circulation.

3) Its firms the skin.

4) It strengthens nails.

5) Improves sleep.

6) Stimulates skin cell renewal.

7) Treats eczema and other skin conditions.

The benefits outweigh the slight uncomfort in many ways and so I would definitely recommend this treatment. Though it would be good to consult a doctor before trying it, if you are suffering from any major heart, blood pleasure or skin conditions.

Let us know in the comments below, on how was your experience and did it benefit you the way you though it would :)


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