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Hotel De Cantera y Plata – A hidden treasure in Taxco

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Plata means silver in Spanish and the town in which this treasure of a hotel is located is known for its silver and silver mining. This blog post has taken me back in time because my very first post for Psyched was about a day long trip to Taxco and here I am visiting not just the town but one of its best kept secrets.

I am so much in love with this place that I have decided to fondly call De Cantera y Plata as the silver lining of Taxco. Rated amongst the top properties here on Trip Advisor, Tesoros de Mexico certified and listed as the 100 Imperdibles de Mexico (unmissable in Mexico), this gem is located atop a hill and provides some magnificent panoramic views of the magical town that spreads in front of it.

This is a one of its of kind, inimitable boutique hotel surrounded by a golf course on one side and the sprawling white and red town on the other. Lush green gardens, colorful trees, heated outdoor pool and a jacuzzi got my heart beating. Oh and there were also not one but three turtles on the property :)

De Cantera has luxury written all over it. The interiors of the hotel are tastefully done by some of the best designers. With the breath-taking views charming you right upon entry, it’s really very hard to match that and create a space inside the hotel where the visitors would want to spend time.

But the owners, quite to my pleasant astonishment, have made sure that guests will never forget their experience once they have stayed at this property, indoors or outdoors. The hotel comprises of nine rooms and each one seems to be in superiority competition with the others. Most of the rooms are equipped with Jacuzzi’s either inside the room or on the terraces with unfathomable views.

The Punto 925 Restaurant Bar on the property serves some of the tastiest food in the city. The contemporary cuisine with a dash of Mexican flavors is what makes the food probably unique and surprisingly delicious. So I have mentioned this a lot of times that I’m a vegetarian and the chefs in Mexico have a hard time attending to my needs when it comes to food.

However, I would like to call out Itzel, the head chef at De Cantera for being extremely patient and painstakingly preparing customized meals for me. Pizza was not on the menu but she conjured up one out of a tortilla and it was delectable. Be it the risotto, tomato soup or pasta for lunch and dinner or the freshly baked breads and chilaquiles for breakfast, she was like a culinary angel. Also there was a welcome popsicle made with tamarind and my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

There is also a boutique store on the property selling silver jewellery made by some of the best craftsmen of Taxco.

When you check in into this exceptional property you’re welcomed with a cocktail and a bunch of smiles. The staff here are very sweet and chivalrous and left no stone unturned in making my stay as pleasant as possible. And a special shout out to Tono for his wonderful reception and management of the property.

The next time I visit Taxco, I know that I don’t need to look around for hotels and can simply head to De Cantera y Plata and so must you. Trust me and take my word for it and praise me later :)

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