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Meson Sacristia de la Compañia - A vintage beauty in the heart of Puebla

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Hey lovelies, it’s usually the happiest time of the year for me – because in India we celebrate Holi, a festival of colors that marks the onset of Spring. Everything is always so picturesque and colorful during this time. Sigh!

Hence for me here, thousands of miles away from ‘Holi’, there could not have been a better time to take a trip to the vibrant city of Puebla in Mexico. While on my visit I stayed at a gorgeous 300 year old boutique hotel located on one of the prettiest streets in town, just about a ten minute walk from downtown.

As soon as I stepped inside the piazza I was transported into a different world altogether. I had never seen a more striking amalgamation of a colonial structure, bright & happy colors (mostly pink, and those who know me will know that it’s my favorite color) and antique decorations. This hotel is an epitome of Mexican-ness.

There are eight magnificent suites in the hotel which have been crafted with the greatest care and attention so that each one of them retains their uniqueness. Mine was called “Suite Reclinatorio”. I can just say that my room was nothing like any hotel room I’ve lived in before.

The bed looked like a chariot from a Disney movie, the dresser and wardrobes were straight out of a princess’ room and there was a small but cute balcony overlooking the main street.

The bathroom was so very pretty as well. I couldn’t curb my excitement while in the room.

The hotel also had an inhouse Mexican restaurant that treats you to some of the tastiest comida ever. I had freshly squeezed guava juice, coffee and very delicious homemade sweet breads for breakfast.

Last but definitely not the least, there was something pleasantly unique about this hotel that I had never heard of before. At Meson Sacristia there are beautiful antique pieces all over the property. The rooms have some of the most beautiful and distinctive furniture, mantlepieces and décor that I’ve ever seen in my life and so does the patio. Not only can you appreciate them but also take them home with you if you so wish to.

The travelers can carry a piece of the hotel, of Mexico with them by purchasing the pieces displayed here. The hotel replaces the ones that are sold with new antique creations, this way keeping the place fresh and vibrant at all times. Now isn’t that something one-off and cool?

I would like to call out to the staff, who were extremely courteous and accommodating and made sure that my trip was a memorable one. A special shout out to Leobardo, the owner of the property who was a brilliant host and made sure that my stay was a perfect one, including acting as a guide to help me with a list of the best places in town. Guys, if you ever plan a trip to Puebla, which you must, then look no further than Meson Sacristia because it’ll be a thrilling experience for you, just as it was for me.


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