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Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Yes, we have been telling you stories about all our firsts and you guys have been patient enough to listen to all of them and been the best listeners ever. Today we are ready to bring another one of our firsts and this is really very special for us. Our first ever Hotel collaboration. Isn’t it exciting already!

We had a month before we could travel to San Miguel de Allende, a beautiful Mexican town, for our stay at Clandestino Hotel and it was pretty darn difficult for us to kill time J. We did all our research and checked every piece of information available regarding the hotel and were super excited to explore this beautiful property.

When we arrived and saw the place with our naked eyes, we were stunned. A small boutique hotel in the city center of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, every nook and corner so wonderfully done. It’s a treat to look at the long passageway as soon as you enter the hotel, the beautiful patio surrounded by greenery, the terrace which is so exquisite, it has the best view of the city. We literally sat there happily staring at the view thinking we did not have to go to any another point in the city to get the best view. The roof top bar which is perfect to just have a drink or two overlooking the best sunset views in San Miguel. Clandestino is an Adult hotel, so we were happy to be residing in a hotel where we can relax without any disturbances.

The staff at the hotel was so great, they will go all out to make you feel at home. We would specially like to thank Alex for his hospitality and always having a happy face while running around the place. At Clandestino, breakfast is always included with your stay and you have an option of either having it served in your room, or just go and cozy up at the roof top bar and eat while you enjoy the view of the city, or just step out of your room, into the courtyard and relish the exquisite meal they serve. We had plans to eat somewhere else but ended up in our room as we were too lazy to leave our comfortable bed. Not to forget, they made a customized vegetarian breakfast platter for me, as I am a vegetarian. Isn’t it just superb customer centricity?

The Clandestino Hotel boasts of a panache that is true to the town’s colonial quintessence while combining it with contemporary elements. We had an opportunity to explore two different kind of rooms at the hotel and did we like them both? We could only wish we had stayed a little longer. The hotel has just eight rooms and each one so tastefully done that you must go and stay in each one of them on each of your visit to San Miguel. The architecture of the hotel is so good, they have won accolades for it. Two of the highest awards won by them are – Best Hotel Architecture Central & South America and Best Hotel Architecture Mexico 2017-2018. Bravo Clandestino!

We stayed at the chico suite which is a cute little habitation that can fit two adults comfortably. The room has a cozy little setup and a beautifully designed bathroom which is equipped with bathrobes and some of the best toiletries we have ever seen. We were then upgraded to the grand suite (thanks to the great staff at the hotel) which was simply miraculous. The grand suite is a huge room for two, with an open bathroom, a bathtub right next to your bed where you can relax after strolling down the streets of San Miguel. There is a coffee machine is each room, complimentary bottles of water and whatever is not there can be arranged by just speaking with the staff. The drapes, the lighting, the breakfast, the staff, the environment was so good, we wanted to stay there a few more days.

We loved every bit of our stay at Clandestino hotel and we would highly recommend this astounding property to anyone and everyone who is visiting San Miguel de Allende. Trust our word, you’ll have the time of your life. We are definitely going back there whenever we visit San Miguel de Allende. You should too..


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