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Moxi - A Gourmet Mexican Restaurant in the heart of San Miguel

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Hola psyched family, how are you guys doing? All set for the summers, are we? Anjuri and I have been busy traveling places to share the best of the best with you. We were in San Miguel de Allende a couple of weeks back (posts coming soon) and while we were there we visited ‘Moxi’. It is amongst the top restaurants in the city and believe me there are quite a few excellent ones.

Moxi – a property of Hotel Matilda – has its interiors tastefully done, a very modern and comfortable setup. As soon as you walk inside the restaurant you see a beautifully done, art infused architecture, where they have outdoor seating at the patio as well as an indoor area. We were greeted warmly by the staff at the entrance and shown to our table. It was a hot summer’s afternoon, so we decided to sit inside and enjoy the meal.

The chef treated us to some best tasting tacos in Mexico, and he was really considerate for sending a vegetarian one for me along with a beef taco for Anjuri. We were already loving the experience, but the best was yet to come. The manager served Anjuri’s favorite Rose wine and it was all we needed in that moment. What followed next was something I would ask everyone to go and order when they visit Moxi‘Ensalada de tomates’, ‘burrara’ (tomato salad, burrata), ever enjoyed a tomato salad? I promise this one you will. Three different types of tomatoes mixed with aguacate (avocado). They seemed like fresh, home grown tomatoes.

Anjuri called for a Pollito al horno (baked rock cornish), a dish made of chicken which was really delicious. Anjuri was full to the proverbial brim and yet she finished it all. Amongst the limited vegetarian options that I usually find - I asked for Rissotto de elote, parmesano (corn risotto, parmesano). A corn-based risotto, loaded with parmesan cheese. The server also got a cube and grated a fresh load of this cheesy goodness. I fell in love with it. By now we were wishing to unbutton our jeans, only that we were in dresses and our tummies were bloated, highlighted in our skin fit dresses and we were about to burst. Little did we know that the chef had also prepared a postre (dessert) for us which was going to be served.

Sorbet de temporada (seasonal sorbet) was the last thing that we had. It looked so pretty that we jumped at our spoons and started hogging yet again. It was a fresh strawberry sorbet, served along with chocolate ice cream and fresh berries. The chef Francisco Ibanez “Chef Pancho”, has magic in his hands and whatever he adorned our table with was nothing short of exceptional, in presentation as well as in taste.

The food was world class; the presentation could give a run for their money to any other gourmet restaurant in Mexico or around the globe, the service was outstanding; we felt great spending our afternoon at Moxi and would like to give a special shout out to the manager who was shy to reveal his name to us. You guys, this place is a must visit, I am surely going back the next time I am in SMA.


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