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Old Kent Estates & Spa – The Heritage Coorgi Delight

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

This one was unlike any other resort that I’ve recently visited. Hidden amid 200 acres of flora, fauna and coffee plantations set atop a hill and soaked in the magic of nature.

While taking a stroll in this magical estate clouds come to kiss your cheeks and the musical patter of rains make that cup of coffee at Old Kent even more special. You could be tightly tucked inside your blankets, sitting on the porch or just walking in the rain and you would experience absolute bliss.

Old Kent Estates & Spa is a heritage property that was established in the 1800’s by Lieutenant Colonel W. R. Wright, an army officer in British India. The property is like a book from history and both history and nature buffs would thoroughly enjoy a visit here. In 1964 the place was bought by the current owners of the property, the Thaikappa family and it has been a family run estate ever since.

The owners have done very well to maintain the colonial era charm of the place. The British architecture, the rose gardens, the hiking trails, the well kept lush green woods encompassing the property are just few of the many reasons why I would want to return to Old Kent again, and then some more.

Why this place is different from any other resort you could go to is that you can live experiences here that you probably would not in most other places.

You can learn so much about coffee life cycle right from the plantation till the roasting & grounding, you can take the estate tour, coffee walks early in the morning or in the evening (for people like me who love to sleep when on a vacation).

Apart from the above unique experiences there is also a fully stocked study with unique and interesting books, a games room, a coffee station and Leslie’s lounge which is a home theatre where you can sit with your family and enjoy a movie or two.

There’s an in-house restaurant called Gordon’s Saloon and an open air “Al Fresco” dining experience called Planters Perch where you get served some of the best tasting local and seasonal cuisines along with the continental menu. The food here is as balanced as the nature outside - not too spicy yet delicious - just the perfect mix of taste of love.

There is a garden kitchen at the property and all the herbs and vegetables are home grown which makes the food taste extremely fresh. I had the privilege of plucking some of the freshest thymes, basils, tomatoes and brinjals. Chef Mahmood, the head chef at the property has the hands of a magician. I learnt how to make pesto pasta from the chef and I’m so happy that I did.

Once you have had your fill and want to relax – Old Kent has the perfect solution for you through their Spa which has a list of relaxing therapies to choose from. Lie down and snooze 😊

The rooms here are not just rooms but a whole private cottage all to yourself. They are huge, colonial and beautifully done. Staying there the night transported me to the British eras that I had only read about in the history books. The huge wooden beds, the stack of books, that gorgeous wardrobe, and the small, attached and private garden was the cherry on the top.

I left the best for the last. The bathroom of course. It was as big as a normal size room in any other hotel. There was a huge custom-made bathtub with the engraved Old Kent logo.

There was a foot spa section where you can soak your feet in water, add some salts and prepare yourself for the best night sleep ever. I slept like a baby that night 😊

I can only tell you as much as I can put into words but to experience this magical place you will have to visit Old Kent Resorts and I promise you, that you will be more than thankful to me :)

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