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Organico Hotel Boutique – A Nature’s Nest

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Hola, how are you all doing ? I am really thrilled about this particular blog post guys. It was my very first glamping experience and it couldn’t have been better. Call me a novice but I was not aware that such a word existed – ‘Glamping’. But when I got an opportunity to stay at Organico Hotel Boutique, which is rated as the best glamping hotel in or around Mexico City, I was amazed by the place and the experience of being so close to nature while being only about an hour’s drive from Mexico City.

The hotel is located off-road, up on a mountain. You have to be mindful of the sign boards indicating the way to the hotel, else you might just get lost(which I did, lost I meanJ). I liked the uphill ride though – really narrow streets lined by quaint houses on both sides slowly giving way to farms and ultimately to lush green forests. The view got better as I got closer to the hotel. The first realization after reaching the property was that it was going to be a great technology free stay. There was no phone network and the Wi-Fi was strong only in certain areas and non-existent in others(my room). Which was good because I really enjoyed being away from the constant need to explore my phone. The absolute quiet only interrupted by bird calls, distant sounds of cattle and the occasional clatter of rains.

The hotel is spread over an enormous green landscape, situated opposite one dormant volcano Ajusco which is the highest point of the City and has a striking reception area, a restaurant called “Don Petro”, a Terraza bar, a game lounge and eighteen cabanas located close enough so as to give you a feel of a hotel and far enough to give you apt privacy.

There are three categories of rooms that you can chose from - Standard Suites which will cost you 3500 pesos per night, Premium Suites which will cost you 4500 pesos and Master Suites will cost you 5500 pesos. All the cabanas are spacious, modern and graciously designed.

There are a lot of indoor and outdoor activities that you can indulge in while you’re staying there. Want to ride an ATV, have a picnic with your family, or just a romantic dinner specially set up for you in a private area. Think cold nights, blankets, a well-lit fire place that you have to refill with wood(keeps the experience refreshingly real), some marshmallows and hot chocolate. Sounds like a perfect night right? You can do all this and much more at Organico.

The restaurant Don Petro serves various cuisines all of which are delicious and can be delivered right to your cabin. Or you could step outside your room and take a walk, sit outside, eat while watching the clouds touch the peaks of the mountains and see them flying towards the hotel.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating at the restaurant too. We started outside but ended up inside as it started to pour, making the weather so dreamy and chilled. You do not need to stay at the hotel to eat at Don Petro, you can just visit there for breakfast , lunch or dinner and you’ll be more than welcome.

The staff there were extremely courteous and continuously went out of their way - be it running with an umbrella when it was pouring to bring your coffee hot to your room or coming late at night to light up the fire place, or giving you cute good night cookies. They went all out to make sure that my stay was as luxurious as the place itself.

It was a very different and one of the most surreal experiences that I have ever had. Sitting under the stars in my balcony, sipping my hot cup of coffee, looking at the beautiful property all I could think of was can I be here just one more day.

And you know what, I didn’t even realize that I was off my phone for an entire day, disconnected from the world amidst the nature, greenery, rains and stars and witnessing a gorgeous sunrise the next morning right from my bed through the all glass walls of the cabana. I am going back at the very first opportunity to escape from the city and so should you.


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