• Akriti Kapoor

Psyched in Solitude (feat. Sergio Casanova)

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? We sure have not been sitting on our bummies, hogging and watching Netflix. Well a month ago, that’s exactly what we were doing pretty much the entire day and night. Now we are so happy to not be able to find a lot of free time, know why? Our first collaboration is here (a loud Yayyy in our hearts). We really can’t get enough of the love and appreciation you guys have showed us over the past one month and that has gotten us the opportunity to work with an amazing Mexican designer.

SERGIO CASANOVA is a Mexico based clothing brand (namesake of the brands creator Sergio) dedicated to the creation of all-inclusive, androgynous and functional garments. We got an opportunity to work with this label on our first ever collaboration to showcase Sergio’s latest collection “Solitude”, that presents clothes that bring together international avant-garde fashion and an exclusive local designing process.

The collection is very comfortable yet superbly stylish, both at the same time. Sergio loves to work with blacks and whites and greys which is always in vogue just like his latest collection. Purged lines and geometry, and highly selected textures and materials that never compromise on comfort, are used in the innovative design of elemental everyday wear. All this, and the wonderful chemistry we shared with Sergio in our initial meetings inspired us to work with the brand and create a fusion of “Psyched” and “Solitude”.

We kept the looks simple by pairing the outfits with street style flat footwear and sneakers. We felt great donning the outfits as they made us feel confident and unique. The next collection is going to be out in two weeks’ time and we are so excited to check that out. We are sure it would be resplendent.


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