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A day trip to San Ángel : Colorida colonia de la ciudad de México

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

We have been in Mexico City a little over seven months now but only recently heard about this adorable little Colonia called San Angel, situated in the southwestern borough of Álvaro Obregón. We decided not to waste any more time and rushed to explore this little hamlet situated in the heart of this bustling city.

We love Magical Towns and this place gave us the feeling of one. We were thrilled to find a place within Mexico City where we could go to and spend a few hours, eat in tiny, cute authentic Mexican cafes, visit the church, walk a little in the park and get all the other touristy feels without travelling hours to reach an actual Magical Town.

The place was some 6 kilometers from where we live and the best way to commute was to get into an Uber – however the options to reach there include city taxies or the Metrobus(accompanied by a short walk).

The entire neighborhood was glorious like a colorful canvas, beautifully lit up in blue, yellow and red, all the casas (houses) looked lovely - a perfect backdrop for photography.

We walked and walked and clicked and clicked till our stomachs started signaling to us to go feed ourselves and we ended up eating at SAKS Restaurant & Vinoteca.

We soaked in some Mexican culture and history at the chapel of El Carmen, Plaza de San Jacinto (marks the heart of the town and is a square well-known for its exceptional beauty and history), Bazar del Sabado(the Saturday market, where you can find everything starting from handicrafts, fine jewelry, woodworks and ceramics ) and the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo(art studio of the famous Mexican artist and muralist, Diego Rivera).

One useful piece of advice that we had received was that if we want to click lots of pictures and wander around in peace then we should visit the town on a weekday and if crowded streets and shopping is our thing then we ought to go on a Saturday, shop a lot from the market, and go back home content(Our choice was a weekday).

We had a wonderful time in San Angel - walked down colorful lanes, indulged ourselves in photography, ate the tastiest food and soaked in some Mexican culture. We were home by sundown, feeling refreshed and tired at the same time. But spending our day in San Angel was one of the best experiences we have had within Mexico City.

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