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Taxco : The Silver City

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

It was our third week in Mexico City (CDMX) and with the weekend approaching we started wondering if we should take a trip to some place close by. After some web surfing, Watsapp messaging and Trip Advisor scouring we discovered this town called Taxco (pronounced as Taas-co). So, we set off with a few apprehensions and controlled excitement, edging on indifference - we had never heard of this place before and had no idea how it would be - apart from the few brilliantly taken photographs that adorned our search screens the previous night. So, when I say we were not disappointed, it would be doing injustice to the place and to our immediate emotions upon arrival, ‘Rather pleasantly surprised’ would be closer to what we were feeling (only to be elevated to feeling ‘Rather ecstatic’ after not so much time).

It was a drizzly Saturday morning and we reached the bus station in CDMX just in time to catch our Estrella De Oro coach. It was a comfortable three-hour bus ride (about 170 kilometers south west of Mexico City) with the pitch-black asphalt cutting its way through the miles of green on either side, the wet season was making everything look fresh and tranquil. Once we reached our designated stop in Taxco – in front of Hotel De La Mision – close to the city center, we took a taxi (really old ‘Beetles’ that were super cute, they are the focal means of transportation within the town) and were taken through the steep cobblestone streets into the ‘Zona Centro’ (Central District/Zone) of the ‘Magical Town’ (small towns around the country that offer sightseers a "magical" experience – by reason of their natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical significance).

The town was indeed magical, and we fell in love right away. The white buildings with red rooftops seemed like a checkered blanket wrapping the steep slopes along the valley. The picturesque church (Santa Prisca de Taxco) located in the heart of the city was a sight to behold. The beautiful cobbled streets – adorned by vibrant walls and colorful shops on either side - are symbolized by their inclination, and almost all of them lead to gorgeous little squares where it is possible to take a stroll or just sit on one of the benches. You will feel ecstatic just walking down the narrow lanes, looking at the cute little cafes and stores - especially the silverware shops. Silver mining and fashioning of it into jewelry was the backbone of this city’s economy and hence the name – Silver City.

There are so many cute hotels around the town, we were confused if we should stay in Zona Centro where there is excitement around the clock or pick a place that’s a little far from the main street, where we can just relax. So, we looked up on AirBnB and booked this entire house for ourselves. It was so pretty, we felt we should have stayed a little longer just to be in that house. The house was located on the other side of the city, on top of a hill and the view from there was breathtaking. Once settled we stepped out to grab a bite and discovered this restaurant called Restaurante Bar Pizza Acerto. We are a fan of Italian food and the freshly baked clay oven Pizza’s we had there were delicious. We explored many other authentic Mexican eateries the next day and ate to our hearts content all the Guacamole with Tortilla chips & Tacos. Well what followed was bad… (We could not walk for some time coz we were full till our mouth)

There are a few places around town which definitely cannot be missed. We were driven around in a taxi that we hired for a couple of hours (they are cheap and convenient in the absence of your own car). The drive in itself was pretty, with amazing waterfalls and breathtaking valleys all around. Cristo Rey, Cristo Monumental is one such place that we visited. You will get a view of the entire city from the top and you would want to sit and cut off from the world for a few minutes. Another must visit is Las Pozas Azules, it is one of the best aquatic sites we have been to, its hidden and still “virgin”. Carry a swimsuit and have fun playing in the water.

It was a great getaway for us and we soaked up on the history, the colorful culture and the people of this wonderful magical town. We can’t wait to go back already.


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