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Jewellery so elegant and stylish , they’re definitely “urstylekeeper”

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Hola chicos,

This one is for all the fashionistas who like to have fun with their style statements and are glad to risk a little more. Also, for their doting husbands and boyfriends who always want to keep their girls happy, happier and happiest by buying them a beautiful piece to add to their collection. We’re so delighted to introduce to you a Mexican brand that’s owned and run by two strong and independent ladies named Laura & Fernanda. They only aim at empowering other women by giving them all the power in the world to create their own personalized jewelry. Yes, you heard it right. They specialize in tailor made and collectible jewelry.

It’s all about sterling silver at urstylekeeper. Their first jewelry collection is brilliantly named as (u)r NECK for necklaces, (u)r EARS for earrings, (u)r ARMS for bracelets and (u)r fingers for rings. Their necklaces and earrings can be made in four different sizes and three different styles. You can wear a single one, two of them, wear them all together or mix them all up.

When I was offered to pick something, I decided to create my own necklace. It was such an exciting process. They had all the letters jumbled up along with ten different colors and seven different figurines of charms in front of me in a tray and I decided to write “PSYCHED” for obvious reasons ;) It was so much fun looking for the letters. It was like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together. I also decided to pick pink charms on both the sides as pink has been my favorite color since I was a little girl and I have had all things pink around me, be it the color of the walls in my room, the dresses of my barbies or those very satisfying strawberry shakes made by my mum. I was excited to put my creativity to work and fix myself this beautiful, premium necklace which is also very affordable.

I love the idea of being able to express myself through a piece of jewelry and empower myself at the same time by creating something wonderful from the scratch. Wouldn’t you just love to experience the elegance of something so pretty on you? I definitely embraced the idea and the process. I promise, it would be worth your every penny to give it a try and get yourself something that you have always wanted. Write your name, a word that truly reflects your personality, your mother’s name or anything that you want. And if you’re bored, just jumble it all up and voila, you’ll have something new :)


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